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Remote Online Notary (RON)

Remote Online Notary

Remote online notary (RON) services are the latest way that we can better serve our clients. We are now permitted to notarize documents remotely. Contact us today to discover the convenience of 100% online notary services.

What is
Remote Online Notary?

Remote online notary (RON) are notary services that are completed online instead of in person. The signing is completed while connecting with an authorized notary public over a secure video connection.


  • The notary witnesses the signing of electronic documents remotely.

  • The entire process, including identity verification and the signing of the document, is stored for future reference.

  • The documents are then digitally stamped and stored online.

Remote Online Notary (RON)
Remote Online Notary (RON) in Fort Lauderdale

Signing Electronic Legal Documents in Florida

On June 7th, 2019, HB 409 was signed into law. The “Electronic Legal Documents” law went into effect on January 1st, 2020, and authorized notaries in the state of Florida to perform online notarizations. However, notaries need to complete an application and meet specific training requirements before receiving authorization to provide RON services.

Kathleen Colon of Regent Signing Service is authorized to notarize your electronic documents. Allow me to help save you time and energy with affordable RON services. The process is 100% digital and 100% convenient.

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Discover the Advantages of Remote Online Notaries

Remote online notary (RON) services offer several distinct advantages over face-to-face notary services, including:

  • Nationwide platform access for Notary Services in the State of Florida

  • Fully affiliated with &

  • Sign papers from the comfort of your home

  • Submit important documents quickly

  • Same-day service is often available 


RON is available just about everywhere in the United States. No matter where you are located, we can establish a secure video chat and complete the notarization process for a Florida document. Whether you need one page notarized or a stack of forms, we can try to fit you in as quickly as possible. 

If you reach out to us early enough in the day, we may even be able to provide same-day service. You can get your papers signed and sent faster than ever before.

Remote Online Notary (RON)
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Discover the Advantages of Remote Online Notaries

Experienced Notary Public in South Florida

At Regent Signing Service, we understand that some people may not feel entirely comfortable signing important documents online. Allow us to walk you through the process and address any concerns that you may have.

RON is entirely secure. The content of the documents remains private and is only made available to authorized parties.

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Get Started

Kathleen Colon launched Regent Signing Service after spending over 11 years as a real estate transaction coordinator. She also brings six years of experience as a notary public. You can rely on Kathleen for efficient online notary services, even on short notice. Here are a few of the advantages we provide:

  • Fast turnaround and convenient scheduling

  • Expert help and answers to any questions

  • Secure notary services

We provide convenient scheduling.

You can choose a time that works best for your busy schedule. Instead of needing to drive somewhere, you can easily fit in the online signing during a lunch break or after work. 

You do not need to be tech-savvy to sign documents electronically with a RON. You just need a stable Internet connection and a device capable of video chat, which includes just about any modern laptop, computer, or smartphone. I can also answer any questions that you have about the online signing process. 

I understand the importance of maintaining privacy and security when signing vital documents, such as loan agreements, contracts, and legal papers. I maintain the strictest standards when it comes to your privacy or the privacy of your clients.

You can rely on Regent Signing Service for fast, safe, and affordable remote online notary services. Contact us today to arrange a time that works best for you.


Contact us for notary signing or to arrange loan signing services for real estate closing documents, reverse mortgages, deeds, VA loans, and other real estate transactions.

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