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Loan Signing Agent & Notary in Miami

Loan Signing Agent in South Florida

Receive expert assistance with your next real estate transaction. Contact us at Regent Signing Service for a qualified loan signing agent in South Florida. We offer reliable notary loan signing services throughout Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Streamline Your Closing Process with a Loan Signing Agent

What is a Loan Signing Agent?

Lenders often hire loan signing agents (NSA) to assist with the closing process for real estate transactions. NSAs help with loans, deeds, mortgage closing documents, and more. 

NSAs are also notaries. A notary is an official who is authorized to act as a witness during the signing of official documents, such as:

  • Mortgage documents

  • Refinance documents

  • VA loan documents

  • Reverse mortgage paperwork

  • Closing documents

  • And more

At Regent Signing Service, we offer face-to-face and online services to suit your specific needs. Our personalized service provides you and your clients with swifter results, so you can move forward with the loan. We get your documents signed, notarized, and delivered quickly.

Streamline Your Closing Process with a Loan Signing Agent

Streamline Your Closing Process
with an Experienced Loan Signing Agent

Hiring the right loan signing agent can help keep the closing process moving smoothly. You can avoid setbacks due to overlooking an essential document or missing a signature. 


Along with helping to maintain a smoother process, we offer a wide range of benefits to lenders:

  • Ensure the validity of the signee’s identity 

  • Notarize official documents 

  • Enjoy greater flexibility and availability 

Enjoy a Higher Standard of Excellence

We understand the importance of accuracy and privacy when it comes to loan documents. We adhere to a strict standard of professionalism and guarantee dependable service. 

We work with title companies, law offices, lenders, and individuals.


Title companies are responsible for providing title insurance during the closing process. Law offices may need NSAs when working on behalf of a title company. Lenders also require an NSA when they choose to facilitate the closing process instead of handing the process over to a title company. 

Whether you represent an organization or yourself, you can depend on Regent Signing Service for exceptional service. I aim to make everyone as comfortable as possible when closing on a home loan. I can walk the borrower through the documents and explain the reason for each signature. As a notary, I can also notarize all documents that require signing in front of an official.

Kathleen Colon - Public Notary

Who Are We?

Kathleen Colon started Regent Signing Service in 2021. She previously worked as a real estate transaction coordinator for over 11 years and a notary public for six years.

Her experience and track record ensure an efficient closing process.  Contact us today to book a loan signing agent in South Florida.


Contact us for notary signing or to arrange loan signing services for real estate closing documents, reverse mortgages, deeds, VA loans, and other real estate transactions.

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